Project Kodiak

Welcome to our whitepaper.

The KODIAK token encapsulates an innovative take on auto-redistribution with the utility of an interactive entertainment hub. Holders will be able to earn passive income in the form of BNB which will be deposited directly into their wallet. This will provide our holders more incentive to buy and hold compared to the classic reflection concept.

The Entertainment Hub will not only provide a means of constant community engagement, but a path for continued growth of the project. Every move Team KODIAK makes; the community will be involved. Transparency is going to be our mode of operation and we look forward to not only building a household name, but one of the strongest communities in the cryptocurrency space.

Our team consists of enthusiastic individuals with backgrounds in the fields of marketing, economics, graphic design, animation, professional voice acting, and international business affairs. Our unique array of skills and shared passion for cryptocurrency has enabled us to develop a token that fuses real utility with an innovative take on passive income earning.

Like many of you, each of us has our own story of an investment in the BSC space gone awry. Whether it be a rug-pull, honeypot, or coordinated dump, one variable remained consistent: these projects were operated by self-serving developers looking to make a quick buck. After taking the reins of one such project as community members, we realized our efforts and talents would be better utilized in starting a project of our own. A project that would be founded on total transparency; dedication to its success and longevity; and one focused on compounding value for its holders.

As a result, KODIAK token was born! A project where all crypto enthusiasts bear-long!

The KODIAK Whitepaper intends to provide our holders with a clear vision, strategy and roadmap for the project. We will illustrate in detail our unique redistribution mechanism as well as our utility.

KODIAK is more than just an auto-claim token, as it will provide immediate utility through the implementation of our Entertainment Hub. Starting with our 24/7 Radio show, the KODIAK team will be bringing you everything from crypto podcasts, music, and much more.

$KODI carries on the evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain: you get rewarded in BNB instead of KODIAK tokens. In other words, you’ll receive a dividend paid in BNB just for holding $KODI tokens. The token contract employs a static rewards system—10% of every transaction is divided via:


5% BNB redistribition.


Marketing tax will be sent in BNB to marketing wallet.


1% BNB is redistributed to liquidity.

In order to fully understand our BNB redistribution, we will provide a breakdown on the reflection concept:

Classic redistribution

This is a concept that was revolutionized by Safemoon. The mechanism incentivizes holders to hold in order to earn dividends (in the form of tokens) from the transactions (buys and sells). Redistribution is based on percentage (stated in contract), current token balance and number of holders.

Summary: You receive tokens automatically

BNB redistribution

A transaction fee is applied to every single buy/sell order where tokens are then swapped in real-time for BNB and added to a Dividend Pool. Holders can then go to a website and manually claim the BNB earned at a specific time (daily/weekly/etc.). The BNB they can collect are based on their token holdings % and the current pool size.

Manually claiming has drawbacks for the following reasons:

Need to connect your wallet manually to the website
Educating holders can be both complicated and difficult to market.
Time constraints as you need to frequently claim your BNB.
Summary: You hold tokens, then manually request your BNB through a website.

Note: 1,000,000 KODIAK tokens is required to receive BNB distributions.

The way it works for holders: You buy tokens and hold them, every 60 minutes you’ll automatically receive BNB in your wallet. No action is required via the holder.

How it works

The contract keeps track of all $KODI holders and the amount of tokens held relative to the overall token supply.
Every transaction processes a 5% or 7% tax (depending on a buy or sell) and automatically converts the taxed tokens into BNB.
The converted BNB is transferred into the dividend pool.
The BNB dividend pool will then be split equally to token holders relative to their % holding (Example: if a holder owns 1% of $KODI tokens, 1% of the BNB dividend pool will be distributed directly to their wallet).
The contract checks if the withdrawable dividends a user has is above the minimum threshold for auto-claims and will either automatically claim those dividends for BNB, or automatically buy back tokens for them.

Summary: The number of holders processed through each transaction is based on transaction size. Holders will receive dividends from the queue based on their position in the array. It’s a fully automated system and requires no manual action from the holder. Minimum token balance is 1,000,000 KODIAK tokens to receive BNB distributions.

** The 60 minute redistribution can be delayed up to an hour or more depending on volume

The entertainment hub will initially launch with a 24/7 Radio program. It will be hosted off Telegram then streamed live via YouTube, TG, Discord & Twitch. It will consist of daily/weekly hourly shows covering a variety of topics both crypto and non-crypto related. Down times will consist of either open discussions amongst team/community members or live music streams.

The schedule will include, but not limited to, the following programs:

Crypto News
Conspiracy Theories
Fantasy Sports
Health and Wellness
Relationship Advice
Potential Investments/Projects
Off the cuff entertainment

** Programs subject to change

Revenue Streams

The Entertainment Hub will become a source of revenue that directly benefits $KODI holders. Potential clients will be able to purchase advertisements that will run on our platforms through multiple methods, ranging from banners to voice ads. Similar to how POOCOIN advertisements work, we’ll incorporate the necessity of holding $KODI tokens as a form of payment.

** Revenue will be dependent on the success and popularity of the platform

The KODIAK team has designated 1% of the token supply for charitable donations. Every month the community will vote on which charity we will donate the allocated BNB in this wallet too.


The protocol will be launched on August 18th, 2021 through one presale on the DxSale Network.

Private + public presale

Presale will be launched on DxSale using the whitelist feature.

The presale is split into two phases:

Private sale phase: Reserved for members who show an early dedication to the project.
Public presale phase: All active Telegram members will have a chance to get whitelisted.

How will it work?

The private sale will consist of 150 BNB at a price 10% lower than launch. All private sale participants will have their tokens airdropped upon launch. These funds will be used for the initial pre-launch marketing campaign.

The first 450 entries in the presale will be booked for whitelisted wallets which will subsequently become public automatically. Varying contests will be held to ensure all members have a fair shot at earning a spot on the presale. A maximum of 1.5 BNB per entry (450 BNB total) will be implemented at a price equal to the launch price. These funds will make up the initial liquidity for the PancakeSwap launch.

DEX public listing

Following the presale, the KODIAK team will provide an update on when $KODI tokens will become available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

Locked Liquidity

Initial liquidity will be locked for a minimum of 1 year. This provides holders with assurance that their tokens can always be traded. A trusted 3rd party in DXSALE will operate as the middle man to ensure that all raised liquidity is locked in a secure locker for the full timeframe.

Multi-Sig Wallet

The marketing wallet and team tokens will be locked via a multi-sig wallet viewable to the public on GNOSIS SAFE.

Gnosis Safe

Contract Audit Prior to Launch

The team has purchased a top-tier audit with DESSERT FINANCE. Five of our core members will be fully doxxing to this company to ensure the security of the project. This will deter dishonest practices by the team; otherwise the doxxed information will be released to the public.

** An additional audit will be conducted through CertiK post launch.

The token contract is verified and available for viewing on BSCscan.

Dessert Finance

** An additional audit will be conducted through CertiK post launch.

Other features

Anti-Dump Protection

Any transaction selling more than 0.1% of total supply will be denied. This prevents massive one-time sales that could negatively impact the token price.

Extra 3% Sell fee

Swing trading is a common practice that can negatively affect price action. To incentivize holding and reduce pump/dump strategies, we’ve added an extra 3% sell fee on top of the initial 10% transaction fee (2% added to BNB redistribution + 1% added to Liquidity Pool).

Total sell fee = 13% (7% BNB redistribution + 2% liquidity pool + 4% marketing wallet).